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Enliten specializes in helping organizations develop business and technology strategies using digital media for enterprise communications and workplace learning.

The increased use of video is accelerating the pace of innovation and technological advancements and improved technology adoption rates.  Enliten strategies focus on harnessing the power of video for use in communications and workplace learning that enable organizations to consistently deliver improved results, even at the increasing speed of business. 

We see four combined technologies having the most impact on the use of digital media: mobility, social networking, the Cloud and big data. We factor these into our analysis and recommendations.


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Executive Briefings

Digital Media Strategists

Enliten specializes in developing media business strategies and roadmaps for enterprise communications and workplace learning.

Serving Enterprises

Enliten enables enterprises to select the best media and learning solutions for achieving their desired business outcomes. 

Also Serving Industry Providers

Enliten assists product and service providers in developing their business strategies and plans that best meet the needs of enterprise clients.


Enliten’s video series
on Enterprise Video

Featuring insights, perspectives and tips on topics relevant to the use of video for enterprise communications and workplace learning. 


Digital Touch Points

Randy Palubiak
The book provides guidance and tips for executives to leverage video and dynamic media across the enterprise ecosystem to achieve successful business communications and workplace learning. 

Digital Touch Points

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